hands were made for touching

Big beautiful woman. 32. Real, honest and emotional I'm not always an easy person to know but bear with me and I usually proove to be worth the effort.

I love from the heart and with passion. Kinky and learning about polyamory. Grieving the loss of my husband who died suddenly early August 2013. Open minded, caring, loving and determined. I love music, colour and romance. I hate weapons, gossip and judgement. I strongly believe in mercy over justice and value human life above all else.

I love to communicate and share experiences with people. I feel lonely in a room full of people and comfortable with sollitude. When alone I sing to myself :o)

I'm sexy, curvacious, sensual and tactile. It is impossible to touch me too much. I communicate the most intimate and personal part of me through touch, especially kissing.

An NICU nurse of five years. My two favorite things in this world are babies and dogs. I have a nine year old golden retriever called Mylo.

I am self aware and know that I am a long way from perfect. I strive to improve myself and am always willing to be challenged. I am british and love to root for the underdog.

I hope that you are happy :o)
Do you deliver?

Do you deliver?

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