hands were made for touching

Big beautiful woman. 32. Real, honest and emotional I'm not always an easy person to know but bear with me and I usually proove to be worth the effort.

I love from the heart and with passion. Kinky and learning about polyamory. Grieving the loss of my husband who died suddenly early August 2013. Open minded, caring, loving and determined. I love music, colour and romance. I hate weapons, gossip and judgement. I strongly believe in mercy over justice and value human life above all else.

I love to communicate and share experiences with people. I feel lonely in a room full of people and comfortable with sollitude. When alone I sing to myself :o)

I'm sexy, curvacious, sensual and tactile. It is impossible to touch me too much. I communicate the most intimate and personal part of me through touch, especially kissing.

An NICU nurse of five years. My two favorite things in this world are babies and dogs. I have a nine year old golden retriever called Mylo.

I am self aware and know that I am a long way from perfect. I strive to improve myself and am always willing to be challenged. I am british and love to root for the underdog.

I hope that you are happy :o)

I wish I could tell you this every morning you awake; that you are enough. That you are an intricate, vibrant life. That every soft breath from your lips, and every timid heartbeat, is precious and beautiful.

It’s so easy to hero worship a dead man. To convince myself he’d be everything I need right now. It’s total horse shit obviously, he was equally as imperfect as everyone else. I feel like a dick for saying it but there’s multiple aspects of my world that are immeasurably easier without him around. But the areas of life where he’s missed…there’s nothing to do but miss him. Mylo and I both just have to keep digging deep and bringing ourselves out the other side proving that despite what he said positive progress can happen in our lives without him around. I don’t know how to get better at this waking up alone thing. Most nights I’m fine then others I spend the whole night feeling restless and solitary. Hopefully the solution is to spend the next couple of nights with some babies…let’s see.